3 EURO COSMETICS 5-2018 LIFT OLÉOACTIF ® mani GmbH Düsseldorf T:+ 49-211-507 25 09 LIFT OLÉOACTIF ® MAY 2018 · Volume No. 26 EURO COSMETICS 6 SUPPLIER’S PANORAMA 7 EDITORIAL 8 NAMES & NEWS 14 TECHNOLOGY R&D 14 Sunscreen products claimable with Full Spectrum Protection – Full Light Protection By Sébastien Miksa and Dominique Lutz 20 The Photophysics of Environmental Protection for Preventing Premature Aging By Harry W. Sarkas, Kevin Cureton, and Katinka Jung 26 Harnessing Polymer and Silicone Technology to Tackle Challenges in Sun Care Formulation By Jon Fedders, Isabelle Van Reeth, and Kinjal Joshi 30 Irritable-Skin-Syndrome: Diminishment and Prevention of Sensitive Skin at the Source By Imke Meyer 36 Reducing the Impact of Solar Radiation: Effective Use of Topical Vitamins: A 21st Century View & Review By Paolo Giacomoni, Ph.D. 12 TOP STORY A conversation with Fabienne Bizeray, EMEAI Marketing Manager Skin & Sun, Dow Consumer Solutions